Day 106

Finished going through the Ken Jee Titanic Project example –

I liked how there was a video that accompanied it.

Took some notes on how it was done and I’ll try and replicate the process without looking at the source code.

This seems like the right intermediate step as I transition to project based learning.

It’s definitely a lot more daunting compared to the tutorial model where there’s a clear problem, solution and instructions.

But I think in the long run the directness will do wonders!

Day 98

Spent a good amount of time trying to figure out complex number multiplication..

For example : (a + b i ) * (a2 + b2 i ), can be expressed in terms of the angles being added and the magnitudes being multiplied right.

You could also think of the final vector as

the real part – (a*a2) – (b*b2) and

the imaginary part – (a*b2 i ) + (b i * a2)

Or you could also think of them like vectors being stretched and added

So the original imaginary number (a + b i ) |

is being scaled by a real number: a2 and

an imaginary number : b2 i (Which rotates the vector by 90 degrees)

and then added together.

I honestly don’t know what I was trying to figure out but I worked for almost 2 hours trying to figure out why Sin and Cos show up in this relationship… I’m pretty weak at trigonometry so I see this as a kind of way to develop intuition for what’s happening. Hope it wasn’t all a big waste of time haha.

Day 97

The last time I wrote a post about my Data Science efforts was in Day 53!

That’s 44 days ago! Oh dear..

I’ve started slowly getting back into working on my coding in the last week or so.

Did a focused 4 hours today! Trying to get back into the groove of things.

I’m currently in the process of finishing up the Python Fundamentals part of the Data Scientist Career Path in Codecademy. (So far, I’ve finished up 37% of the Data Scientist syllabus and 86% of the Learn Python 3 course)

I also want to finish up the Lockdown Maths series by 3Blue1Brown. (Currently on ep. 3)

To be completely honest I went into major procrastination mode after feeling a little lost and down about my progress after studying for 44 days, I think it was after doing the Titanic Project I realized I may have done things badly.

But in a way, after not doing much work (dove into NFT’s – more on that later) I guess I may have put a little too much stress on myself for fast and effective learning.

Had a chat with a friend of mine who is a Data Scientist and she recommended a course for me and also suggested learning by following through the entire process again and again. (As compared to studying each various component, like what I’m doing right now).

I’ll start writing up my thoughts again starting today to document that process.

Day 61

So I saw the below link this morning while doing my daily readings

Murky, but important, here is an excellent thread from Avichal Garg on Loot.  And from Tandavas.eth.  Pay attention people.  I know it makes your brain hurt, but…”suck it up kid!”

Tyler Cowen on MarginalRevolutions

And I remembered when I was shopping for Captcha NFT’s the other day while I was doing my research I noticed people buying these loot art and also saw a lot of loot stuff which I didn’t understand at all!

But then I read those 2 twitter threads and something clicked and I felt like I didn’t want to miss out so I fomo’ed in.

But… The floor price for the loot NFT’s are 12 ETH and I definitely don’t have 12 ETH lying around like a richboi so I explored the projects and possible derivatives.. So basically I spent the whole day educating myself on NFTs.. 😐

Day 60

Did a lot of Maths again today. Finished up on the complex number series by welsh labs and then kind of got distracted with the Riemann hypothesis and the riemann zeta function, as an extension of complex numbers..

Maths leaves me with this mysterious feeling like there is more than meets the eye..

Also did some work on the Udemy Data Science course. I don’t know if I’m learning a lot through that though 🙁 but I do want to finish the course..

Day 59

That’s pretty much almost 2 months now!

I got really distracted by NFT’s this Thursday and Friday.. Bought some Captcha NFTS.

Honestly I kind of just bought some because Kevin Rose tweeted about it –

Which.. In hindsight may not be a good idea because I don’t know much about the founders of the people who are initiating the project. And the founders see the Captchas as just an “Experiment”. But I think it’s such a great idea with an interesting use case and the captchas are surprisingly beautiful so.. Hopefully it works out!

Did a lot of research into NFT’s too.. Which took me away from actual Data Science.

But I got back to studying yesterday and today, did 4 hours of work today, all maths. Trying to understand imaginary numbers and I realized the quality of content on YouTube as well. I’ll be working my way through the 3Blue1Brown Lockdown Maths series as I love the way he describes things it’s untraditional but seems to really help build my conceptual understanding 🙂

Day 55

Skipped 1 day today.

Had a total electronic break!

Phone and computer were turned off the whole day!

Did cause a little situation with time as I don’t have a watch or clock in the house…

But it was extremely relaxing and rejuvenating. I was planning to do this once a month but I may have to do it more often…

Did around 3 hours of work today!

I spent a lot of time going through submissions for the Riiid competition on Kaggle. I noticed it had to do with Artificial Intelligence in Education and was thus really interested! I went through the documentation, watched the videos, saw 2 of their conference keynote speeches and then when I finally read through the code of the Kaggle competition winners I realised I knew nothing…

Spent a good 30 minutes trying to understand what a Transformer was.. But it really feels like bashing my head against a wall. It’s really cool what they’re doing though, hope I’ll be able to understand what they’re doing soon.

I decided to just follow along some simpler Regression and Classification problems first before I jump into that.

But I browsed a couple of Kaggle notebooks today just to realign myself with the original objective of doing Projects. It’s made me realize how much I don’t know, I feel like the person who studied Japanese for 3 months, but realized he can’t say anything besides “Where is the toilet” and “Where is the train station” in Japanese upon arriving at Japan.. (Hint* that person is also me).

Also did some work on descriptive statistics on Codecademy as seeing the %tage of my “Path Complete” go up makes me happy.

Day 53

Followed along Ken Jees Titanic Project on Kaggle today!

I think it’s made me realize that I’ve been placing my focus wrong in some ways..

I was able to better follow along compared to when I first tried the Project on Day 19, but considering that it’s been a whole month since then, it feels like I haven’t learnt very quickly! Guess I’m hitting my learning plateau 🙁

Going to keep following along Projects as I think it’ll be a much more Direct form of learning.

Will be taking a day off electronics tomorrow though, as I’ve been wanting to take a whole day off electronics as a means of detoxing! Tomorrow will be an ideal day as the last day of the month 🙂

Also bought a chair today!! Finally sitting in a proper chair is nice.