What I’m doing Now!

I started a new job working for Brandwatch in sales.

Just finished my first week. I’ve been very impressed with the thoroughness of their onboarding and the software systems they use to enable my job.

I had quite a long break from the workforce so it’s really fun going to work and meeting new people.

I’ve got to say though.. Having to wake up everyday at a certain time to go somewhere is simultaneously awesome and annoying. I like how it drags my butt out of bed but also hate how I have to do it.

But.. I’m really excited to perform at work and feel like a useful member of society. Besides that, I’ve been trying to cook a little more, trying new recipes out. Been wanting to buy some pots.. and clothes.. and bags.. It’s funny because I never really had any material wants but after starting a new job I’ve been wondering about all these things I can buy as a reward to keep me working hard.

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Updated 10th of July