What I’m doing Now!

I recently moved from Chinatown to South Yarra!

Moving is such a pain. I must’ve spent hours setting up my house, thinking about what to buy, where to put it and why I need it. But I’ve also found moving incredibly fulfilling because it gave me the time to pause and think about what’s important to me and what I want to spend more of my time doing.

Also got a new Dyson V8 vacuum which is probably a little overkill for my small place but every time I use it I’m reminded of the conversation I listened to between Tim Ferriss and James Dyson and it makes me so grateful James Dyson went through the years of struggle to create this vacuum for me to use. It gives me hope that maybe one day I can impact someone else’s life like that too.

Besides that, I went to my first music festival recently (Surprisingly fun) and went surfing for the 2nd time (Waves could’ve been bigger).

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Updated 17th of March