Day 61

So I saw the below link this morning while doing my daily readings

Murky, but important, here is an excellent thread from Avichal Garg on Loot.  And from Tandavas.eth.  Pay attention people.  I know it makes your brain hurt, but…”suck it up kid!”

Tyler Cowen on MarginalRevolutions

And I remembered when I was shopping for Captcha NFT’s the other day while I was doing my research I noticed people buying these loot art and also saw a lot of loot stuff which I didn’t understand at all!

But then I read those 2 twitter threads and something clicked and I felt like I didn’t want to miss out so I fomo’ed in.

But… The floor price for the loot NFT’s are 12 ETH and I definitely don’t have 12 ETH lying around like a richboi so I explored the projects and possible derivatives.. So basically I spent the whole day educating myself on NFTs.. 😐