Day 59

That’s pretty much almost 2 months now!

I got really distracted by NFT’s this Thursday and Friday.. Bought some Captcha NFTS.

Honestly I kind of just bought some because Kevin Rose tweeted about it –

Which.. In hindsight may not be a good idea because I don’t know much about the founders of the people who are initiating the project. And the founders see the Captchas as just an “Experiment”. But I think it’s such a great idea with an interesting use case and the captchas are surprisingly beautiful so.. Hopefully it works out!

Did a lot of research into NFT’s too.. Which took me away from actual Data Science.

But I got back to studying yesterday and today, did 4 hours of work today, all maths. Trying to understand imaginary numbers and I realized the quality of content on YouTube as well. I’ll be working my way through the 3Blue1Brown Lockdown Maths series as I love the way he describes things it’s untraditional but seems to really help build my conceptual understanding 🙂