Day 55

Skipped 1 day today.

Had a total electronic break!

Phone and computer were turned off the whole day!

Did cause a little situation with time as I don’t have a watch or clock in the house…

But it was extremely relaxing and rejuvenating. I was planning to do this once a month but I may have to do it more often…

Did around 3 hours of work today!

I spent a lot of time going through submissions for the Riiid competition on Kaggle. I noticed it had to do with Artificial Intelligence in Education and was thus really interested! I went through the documentation, watched the videos, saw 2 of their conference keynote speeches and then when I finally read through the code of the Kaggle competition winners I realised I knew nothing…

Spent a good 30 minutes trying to understand what a Transformer was.. But it really feels like bashing my head against a wall. It’s really cool what they’re doing though, hope I’ll be able to understand what they’re doing soon.

I decided to just follow along some simpler Regression and Classification problems first before I jump into that.

But I browsed a couple of Kaggle notebooks today just to realign myself with the original objective of doing Projects. It’s made me realize how much I don’t know, I feel like the person who studied Japanese for 3 months, but realized he can’t say anything besides “Where is the toilet” and “Where is the train station” in Japanese upon arriving at Japan.. (Hint* that person is also me).

Also did some work on descriptive statistics on Codecademy as seeing the %tage of my “Path Complete” go up makes me happy.